Help getting into guild


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Hi, just calling out to any officers about being installed into guild. My ingame name is Nimshi. I caught the thread about changing the shard, and wondered if I missed the transfer. I am a cleric in the Sunrest shard.
Hi there,
We have moved to Faeblight. The ToJ guild is no longer active, it is just an alt guild with a few people leveling toons in it. The rest of us have joined Shields of Seraphs, a non-Christian led guild on the server. They are a friendly bunch and there are a handful of us from Reborn that are actively raiding with them. Recently a few more from ToJ have joined SoS and are leveling new toons. It is a pretty mature/respectful bunch who are very supportive but the voice chat does have some typical swearing and lewd comments from time to time. (however very light as far as that goes)

Let me know if you want more info on any of this.
I put in an app with SoS. Might see you on-line a few nights a week bro! And if they don't approve, I've added you to my friends list, so still might see you a few nights a week!
Never mind answering the question. Make the transfer to Faeblight without any trouble. I will try to find someone there. Thanks for the information.