help for a transient


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yes i am making a minor return while i transition into a new job. so i am here updating my addons and am wondering what is out there.

i see some of the old favorites are still out there. i am looking for either a clean ui package or piecing one together. so i am wondering if a few people could help me out with a few suggestions of what i might need.

thanks in advance for the help.
If you liked Macaroon or Trinity, look for Ion. It's still in beta but it works mostly.

My Auctionator, Deadly Boss Mods, TitanPanel, and Vendorizer are all working. As is Mr.Trader.
Elvui is currently outdated but is worth waiting for the update for that clean looking UI you are searching for.
well now, it seems Elvui is outdated again. I had it working a couple of days ago, and noticed it was broken this morning. I went to Tukui to re-DL and it didn't help at all. *sadface*
Yep, and unzipping and putting it in my correct addon folder. worked just fine on Sept am I messing something up?


I am obviously doing something wrong on my's working fine on my laptop. grrrrrrrr
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