hiyas! I'm bijou. I already introduced myself in the warhammer forum, so I'll introduce myself here too... I hope that's alright? If it's not feel free to delete this! I basically explained in the warhammer thread that I'm a christian who has been seeking a christian guild FOR AGES >__o *twitch* and I would love to make my new guild home with you fine people!! I have been reading the forums a little bit, but did not post... Mainly because I misunderstood the part about being validated by a forum admin (lol) But... I would really love to join you all on blade's edge =] If you want a taste of my mental state, you can read my other post in the warhammer general discussion page, and I also replied to that flame against mustard seed company with a christian song :D *Onegirlarmy* ;)
Thanks! I will be starting a new character to play on blade's edge, because I have never really played here before :x I really hope that's quite alright?
Welcome Bijou! You can make as many alts as you like as well, just let me know (look at my sig for various characters that I play) and i will invite :D

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Did you get bags and tabard? :confused: I think so, but my memory is not what it should be.