Hello checking in and wanted to say hi


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Hey guys wanted to say hi and see how things are going. I took some time off from playing swtor and now looking at starting back up again. Hows the game going? I see some cool things have been added like the new comp and some new content. I'm going to sub tonight and will try to be on tmo and re-learn playing again hehe. Talk to you guys later...take care :)
I'm still having fun with the game. I haven't tried the Czerka content yet. I've been working on my lowbie BH the past couple of days. A couple of us got our HK companion finally. Look forward to having you back!
I've been running the Czerka dailies, not bad but the area is small and there are a lot of people so it gets crowded. The two new FP's are fun. The new taun taun mount is nice, but the quest is a grind unless you can afford to buy it outright.