Heaven's Embrace: General Information


Tribe of Judah Membership Administrator
- What is Heaven's Embrace? -
Heaven's Embrace is Tribe of Judah's Champions Online Super Group.

- Who's in charge? -
Keero is the SG Leader, Officers are TBA. In-game handle is "@Keerosene" if you need to contact for invite purposes.

- What's Champions Online? -
Copy and paste because I can: "Champions Online: Free for All is a superhero-themed massively multiplayer online role-playing Game (MMORPG).

Simply, anyone can play Champions Online: Free for All at no cost. No subscription is required. You don't even have to buy the game. You can download and play for free.

In the Free-to-Play model, players have the option to purchase services, items and content to customize their gameplay. These purchases expand upon an already complete experience and allow you to further customize your hero and enjoy the game in new ways. You can access this new material in the C-Store and use Atari Tokens to make your purchases."

- I'm new to the game. What's the catch for being a free player? -
F2P Matrix can be found here. In a nutshell, you have fewer powersets, costume parts, and travel powers to choose from. While Gold players can make Freeform heroes (able to pick and choose skills they want, as well as change the power's colors), Silver players are automatically given a pre-determined list of skills that are set in stone, these are called Archetypes. There's an incredible amount of freedom that subscribers get compared to the Archetypes, but you can still experience and enjoy the game, and even reach max level without paying a dime. If you want to spend a few bucks, you can unlock other Archetypes, costumes, powersets, Hideouts (player housing that friends can visit), or even travel powers. The game is still fun regardless of your current financial situation.

- I've been gone since launch, why should I reconsider playing? -
I personally left a month or two after launch due to the bugginess and lack of things to do. The game has come a looong way since then. So far, there's been numerous expansions, the release of Hideouts, interesting Adventure Packs, rebalanced powersets and passives that don't require you to pump weird stats, as well as the addition of the Heavy Weapons (two-handers) and Celestial (main healer/hybrid DPS) powerset, and even reshuffling the Desert/Canada zones to be level 15+. Oh, and there's Rainbow Flight. Don't ask me why.

- Why should I join this particular Super Group? - As per the TOJ rules, only fellow Christian believers are allowed into the SG. And it's that same reason that you can expect profanity-free SG/Team chat as well as a casual environment to play in. We all have responsibilities and life comes first, so no pressure if you can't play for a day or three. Our focus is on group content, so if a person needs assistance with a quest, Aftershock/Adventure Packs, or just to do World Events with, we're ready and able. At the present moment, we're still growing and looking for more people to play together with, so don't be shy!

- How do I join the SG? -
First, you must be a member of Tribe of Judah, the application form can be found here.
Second, after being accepted, feel free to either post in the thread located here, or contact a member of the SG. If we don't catch you the first time around, can PM me personally on the forum.
Third, ????
Fourth, Profit! Joining the Super Group will unlock an extra snazzy Costume Slot, regardless of what account type you have. Oh, and there's the whole thing about playing with other cool people, too.

- Can I still join groups even if I'm a low level? -
Yup! With the Sidekicking system, one character can boost their stats/health to those of another party member, or even depower themselves to keep things fair when partying with newbies. Most post-launch group content requires a Gold account (Adventure Packs), but the Aftershock comic series is free to Silver players. Almost all of these require your hero to be level 11+.

- Are Alts. allowed? -
Yup! As we grow a bit bigger, may reduce the amount of Alts per player allowed.

Can I make a [insert weird theme here] character?
Since it's your hero, let your imagination run wild. The character customization is pretty deep, so if you find something you love the look of, go with it. I ask that you would try to keep your female characters relatively modest if you're in the SG, however. There's enough half-naked people running around as it is. ;) All powersets are welcome, too. Fair warning though, if you make a blatant copy of a Marvel/DC character, don't be surprised if Cryptic changes their name and costume to avoid copyright infringement. :p

- Is Ventrilo or Team Speak used at all? -
Totally! We have a Champions Online channel in CGA's Team Speak 3 server. For more information about where to download TS3 and our address, check out the link here. If you have a mic, more power to ya, if not, don't sweat it. Hang out anyways. :D

- Cool beans, now where do I get information regarding my F2P/Freeform heroes?
Silver Guide for Free To Play Archetypes
Powerset Overview / Freeform Power Suggestions