Healing priest specs


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Both of these priest specs would be successful at healing raids and groups.

Holy Healing

Disc Healing

I suspect these will be my dual specs and will be swapped based on the needs of the fight.

The Holy spec has alot of crit and crit based procs, focusing on AoE heals to help increase the number of crits. According to my research, there is alot of crit gear in Naxx 10 man that can ultimatly push a holy priests crit rating over 20%. Over 30% in 25 man Naxx.

The disc healing focuses on single target healing and with haste and haste based and proc to haste talents. Very good for fights where there is plenty of incoming damage on a tank where haste and buffs such as increased healing and reducing damage via a healers talents become important. Again, according to my research, there is plenty of haste gear in Naxx to really make this build extremely valuable to a raid.
Just a minor question...(since I'm too lazy to do the calculator)

Is Desperate Prayer just a filler?

If so...from your perspective, do you find a need to use it that often? If not...would filling out ToF be more beneficial?

Somewhat related, with IF on a 3min CD, do you typically find yourself in a situation that warrants its use over a situation where the tank or your healing focus is below 50%...and if so, would ToF be better?

I haven't played a holy or disc priest aside from multiboxing so I'm interested in the answers...I certainly haven't been overly thrilled with IF in general as shadow (have not raided with her since WotLK, so who knows if my opinion may change!).
Desperate Prayer used to be a human racial that was awesome at least for me as a shadow spec, if my life was low and I was close to dying, BAM, instant heal.

I could see it's usefulness in a tight spot where a priest gets smacked and needs a quick heal still.
Yeah...i remember what it does...they moved that and penance or whatever out of 'racials' :(

I guess what I'm getting at is how often does one find themselves in that situation?
I find myself always taking some kind of damage. Most healers spend so much time not healing themselves that they don't take anything that could make that job so much easier.

You do not need to target yourself to use desperate prayer. So I keep my target on the tank spamming whatever, poof, I just took some poison damage, hit desperate prayer and get 6k health and don't have to waste time retargeting the tank and I'm back to spamming what ever 1 global cooldown later.

When it comes to healing, healers need to minimize Time off Tank and priests can do that by placing lightwells for dps to use on themselves (even though they can't be bothered to step away, run to the glowing thing, right click on it once, go back into battle), desperate prayer, circle of healing, prayer of healing, binding heal. Priests are essentially the only ones with a plethora of tools to heal others without ever loosing sight of the tank and they should grab them if they can.