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Hello All,

I want to put a hall of heroes part on the web site dedicated to all those who valiantly served the Knights of the Trinity. I need; Name, class, Level attained, and any screen shots. If you would like to say something about your guild mates I will consider all those in good taste.

Thanks the sooner I get this info the better, I will start next week. If I have nothing I will take it off the old introduction page
I think I had this posted at one time, and right now, my details by now are sketchy at best, but this is what I remember so far.

Knights of the Trinity founded under the Luke Dynasty.
Founding Fathers are:
I don't know how long the Luke Dynasy lasted, but when I came on, these people were mostly gone. Thus came the Trinity's First Dark Ages.

Then came the Malohaut Dynasty.
When Malohaut came in, there were only 5 members active. Malohaut the wizard was given charge of the guild with his close friends Peiter (Cory) and Peiter's wife Jadzia by his side. The Trinity grew and thrived under their care.

After Peiter and Jadzia left, Blednnyn the Paladin and Jazmina the Minstrel came into the picture, assisting Malohaut and becoming very strong and supportive members. They were even remarried under Malohaut.

Many great people came and will be remembered such as Colbi, Odale, Cammandus, Zigafus, Aijalon, Paron, Lilyan, Philippi and many many others.

Sermons were started by Malohaut in Vest. Abbey. But that place was always booked and used by others, so the services were moved to camelot.

Due to emotional unstability, Malohaut left and was lost to depression, discouragement, and despair. Never again, would this wizard be able to return.

The guild was mournful, but Ms. Jazmina Lightbearer stepped up to the plate and took charge of the guild. And even Gyllis took over some of the services. I don't know much about the Jazmina Dynasty, but I know she did a truly wonderful job!

It wasn't too long before Jazmina wasn't able to lead the Trinity. So came the Icthus Dynasty. Icthus only wanted the position part time, but he promised to help as long as he could. I think the CGA famous Litsafalda was discovered during this dynasty by the Paladin Chivah.

Then came WoW, and afterward, the Trinity's second Dark Ages.

Now comes the Anthony Dynasty, ready to bring life and God's word back to the guild.

Luke Dynasty
First Dark Ages
Malohaut Dynasty
Jazmina Dynasty
Icthus Dynasty
Second Dark Ages
Anthony Dynasty

Just thought you'd be interested. If I got anything wrong, feel free to correct me.
That Rocked, Thanks We will run with that, once I get settled into the House We'll get this posted
Malohaut said:
Founding Fathers are:
I'm honored to have a place in Tribe of Judah's Dark Age of Camelot chapter history. ^^ Thank you for taking the time to write that out, Malohaut.
Aaah. I remembered you as one of the founding fathers, but it had been so long, that I couldn't remember who. If you'd like, tell us a little bit about the days of the Trinity under the Luke Dynasty. I've never heard anything from that time period, and I'm sure the history would be of great interest to us.
Malohaut said:
Aaah. I remembered you as one of the founding fathers, but it had been so long, that I couldn't remember who. If you'd like, tell us a little bit about the days of the Trinity under the Luke Dynasty. I've never heard anything from that time period, and I'm sure the history would be of great interest to us.
Hm, I might call Elihu (who played as Riegwyn) today and see if I can unbury any memories of my time in Albion. Truth be told, I spent far more time in Midgard playing as Jhostav than in Albion playing as Sarengar.

I do vaguely remember spotting a white horse, long, long ago...
MontrezAnthony said:
(From the KOT boards)

7/25/05 KOT switched Servers: NOW located Lamorak

Due to demand and curiosity the Knights of the Trinity are re locating to Lamorak classic server. We still have chars on Percival, but we will be adventuring in Lamorak for a while. Please join us; we could always use more friends who enjoy the company and fellowship Christians, We miss old faces and welcome new ones!

If you a have any question find me in game or PM me or email me thru my or Mythran's avatar's link!

Thanks and happy crusading!

Well we went to a classic server and yesterday afternoon I IM'd Myth and we posted a call to set the Guild up on the new classic server, is was a fun turn out

Jazminza ( I know how Cool Right?)
(Myths Little Brother) Forgive me I can not remember his name atm

So KOT is now located on Lamorak as well! And we are seeing old friends more and more on the boards. So we are solely breathing new breathe into the Knights. Many thanks to Myth and everyone else who made it possible.

Our Time line
From my records and research the Knights were Formed sometime around November 2001. Please if anyone knows our Real Birthdate please let me know ( Forgive me if I am wrong; I had to scour our archives, many a sleepless night. Please send me any correction that maybe needed.)

Luke Dynasty...........................November, 2001
First Dark Ages
Malohaut Dynasty.....................Some time around April 2002
Jazmina Dynasty.......................Some time around Febuary 2003
Icthus Dynasty......................... Sometime in 2004
Second Dark Ages
Myth-Montrez Intervention.........April 2005
The Mythros-Montrez Dynasty.....July 25th 2005
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I am a more than a little embarassed by the Icthus Dynasty...

I took over as a GL in the spring of 2004, if I remember correctly. I passed off the mantle to Myth in December of 2004.

I would note that Cammandus, Odale, and Myth were my unending support. Without those three, KoT would have never made it through the time I served the body.

There are many more who helped define the body of Christ that is KoT. But, if I went into naming them I would surely leave some out.
I remember asking for those of honorable mention, If you click my avatar, you will find my email, As I get better with code, I plan on adding to the Hall of Heroes on our website page.

The reasons I wish to explain this AGAIN is because I know one will toot their own horn, so I am asking any of the Knights to write a brief summary of your friendships.

A small paragraph would be nice;

Like Icthus who is embarrassed; He shouldn’t be and I know there is someone out there besides me who has an awesome story to share. I ask that you do not post them here, as I would like to get a bunch of them emailed and the post them on the website at our 4 year mark.

So please send me your thanks and praise so I may share with the world, showing the caliber and character of the Knights of the Trinity so the world may see

I also am honored to have been mentioned in the Hall of Knights (Riegwyn) as one of the founding members of KotT. It has been many a moon since that time but my memories of those days past are very fond indeed. If I recall correctly I may even still have pictures of those days, including the guild charter signing event. I'll do some digging and get a post on here with it ASAP.