Half life 2


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I can't believe there's nothing on HL2 yet. I'd better start one.

I bought silver edition (which worked out to be about $81 australian) cheap for a new game.

ive finished Hl2 and Condition zero now. I've headed into Cz deleted scenes. So far i like it the best out of all the half life expansions. It's a great single player, and i decided to start this one on hard. It's a great challenge. Cz took me about 5 hours to finish on normal. Hl2 took me?? who knows, i finished it in 3-5 session. (hows that for poor memory)

another thing, i have never got the JOJ spray working in STEAM. So what do i have to do?


yeah..but theres nothing in the official HL2 sub-forum..

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