Guild Vault Management



We haven't had a thread that I know of that speaks about how to organize our vaults. Yesterday, I decided to overhaul and clean up the vaults as we have limited space and too many donations and no system of removal. make the vaults more useful I set up these guidelines.

Talismans are the single most sought after item in our vaults.. However, we had toooo many talismans in the vault. At one point, I color coordinated the placement of the talismans in the vault slots to spell J-E-S-U-S, heh. I weeded out the clutter by removing any talisman lower than +9 to stats. +9 to stats is a typical lvl 200 crafting average talisman. No more noob talismans, k?​

Rare Armor:
I've separated out all gold quality boots/gloves/belts ranging from decimator to Invader (yes Invader!) into their own sections in Vaults 2 and 3.​

Blue (uncommon) Armor:
Blue armor drops and green armor with really good stats have their own devoted vault. In order to scan the vaults quicker, I designated rows for each slot: head/shoulders/body/fingers/toes/etc...​

Green (common) Armor:
I've removed a lot of green armor simply because there isn't enough room and the lowbies don't check the vaults enough to justify.​

I removed a gazillion + 1 dot and damage potions. People simply don't think to check the vaults for them. If you like the dot potions, send a special request but more dots! Please don't donate dots!​

Crafting ingredients:
Crafting is much easier these days. Any components under crafting level 100 for talisman, cultivating or apothecary has been cleansed. I think 100+ is a good rule or 125+ if we start stocking up on too many crafting ingredients.​

Siege equipment:
Let's start stocking up on siege equipment in the vaults, especially oil. After claiming a keep, upgrading the guild vault banker raises the rank of the keep even but for a temporary few moments whilst guildees can grab some free oil. Paying for standards and siege equipment can add up over time so this can help encourage our guild to defend more and not break the lowbie bank.

So there we have it. A system for organizing the guild vault! If the time comes where War is buzzing again, this system should work well!
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