guild name

Ah, I was wondering if Redeemed 2 would be the guild name for the new game. That makes it easy if I get the itchy finger. You know...all it took last time was a free trial and I ended up being hooked (refering to WoW). I had heard of the game several times and thought, "naw, doesn't sound all that appealing". Then I played...and it was all over for the next two years :)
Its not the game are addicted to are still here....even without the game muhahahaha
You are correct in saying this. I think I was hooked in by the gameplay at first. But I stayed because of the friends. And am tempted to rejoin the PC gaming world to "hang out" with you all again.
Yeah, something like that. He's away for training right now for between 15-30 days. He'll come home one more time after that, then off to Iraq or Afghanistan I suppose.

Is Mavelin still leaving for Iraq in September Zazzy?