Guild invite requested


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Good morning one and all,

My name is Wayne and I currently have a level 5 friar named Vyson ( and more to come) that i would like to receive a guild invite for. I work at FamilyLife Ministries here in Little Rock, AR and discovered TOJ and your guild while doing some research on a "cult" called The 12 Tribes of Judah or something like that. I have been playing DAoC since January of this year and have numerous alts on multiple servers and in various realms. I am a guild member in Bedevere (albion) with "Omnia Vincit Amor" (Love Conquerors All). My main alt with them is a 25th lvl Saracen scout named Asush. I am also a guild officer with a new guild on Geheris where I currently play a Thane and a Runemaster. The thought of playing DAoC with fellow christians intrigued and appealed to me. Two of my married sons also play and wanted me to join (after I told them about you) and give them feedback as they are also interested. I normally play on Mon, Wed, Fri and Saturday evenings after 8 PM central time. My e-mail at work is if you need to get up with me at work. God bless you all and look forward to defending the realm with you.
In Christ,
Wayne Brown


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Sorry for the missed link ups yesterday and I truly appreciate all the effort that was expended trying yo get me an was inspiring. Tonight (Wed) is a normal play night for me so I look forward to connecting with someone. I have started eight (8) new alts to bring up to speed including future reaver, paladin, Inf, scout, fire wizzie, Arms, necro and of course my established friar Vyson. Look forward to making the link Wed and getting two or more invited....who knows if time maybe all. Love to fletch, SC and alch and as my alts gain some income plan to craft for the guild as I do the other guilds I am in. So might join up with some groups early on to get leveled and fund my crafting "hobby". Peace and goodnight....In Christ, Wayne


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We will continue to try and get you in the guild Wayne


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Hey 2birish,

I'm sure Odie, Ic, or Camma could hook you up whenever they're on ^_^.

Just wanted to drop a hello. Also was neat to hear that you work for Family Life - I'm on staff with Campus Crusade, campus ministry working with Asian Americans up at Penn State. ^_^

Great to meet you and hopefully I'll seeya in game soon!

God bless,
Philippi - 50th friar