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Called to the Light is a Republic guild on the Begeren Colony server (RP-PvE - West).

We are a Tribe of Judah Christian Guild. In order to join the guild, you must be a member of ToJ. For more info on joining, please visit our website: Called to the Light.

To find us in name type /who called in the chat window. When "Who" opens, sometimes the search will glitch and you'll get 100 names listed. If it does that, type Called in the Search Terms and it should bring up everyone that is in Called to the Light.

We use the CGA Teamspeak 3 server for voice communications.
The server address is: No password, default port
Download here

If you have questions about setting up and connecting to TeamSpeak 3, there is a help thread located here

TeamSpeak 3 Rules

Real-time server info:
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