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Redeemed - Warhammer Guild Information
What are the benefits of joining a guild in War?
Some answers are obvious but Warhammer provides unique benefits that you may not know about.
  1. Track other players activity such as when they last logged in and what players are close to group level.
  2. Display our own guild emblem to wear proudly.
  3. Access to a guild tavern that contains merchants who sell equipment at bargain prices and sell higher quality crafting components (as the guild levels).
  4. Access to a guild vault of donated equipment.
  5. Ability to use standards, which allow for combat defensive, combat offensive and other valuable bonuses.
  6. Ability to claim keeps and thwart the opposing Realm's attempts to lock down a zone.
  7. For more benefits, consult Warhammer Wikia Guilds.
Who are the current officers and officer positions?
BD4L = Micca

Vice Benefactor =

Ambassador =

Council = Zebedee Contact Zebedee

Recruiter = ?

Information = Ewoksrule Contact Ewoksrule aka Myrakle

Raid Leaders = ?

What is a BD4L?
Benevolent Dictator for Life = Micca = Our fearless guild leader who truly does burn through guild standards like gasoline soaked matches!

Why do we have a Guild Tax?
Gold collected by guilds via taxes, and tithes can be used to pay for keep upkeep, and funds can be withdrawn to purchase a number of useful items and services, including:
  • Keep Claiming
  • Standards
  • Teleportation Scrolls which take you to the Guild Tavern
  • Reduced Cost Siege (Also available in the Guild Tavern)
  • Player Crafting Donations
What is the Guild Tithe and how is it different than the Guild Tax?
A tithe is a percentage that a player chooses to donate from his or her earnings, above and beyond the required guild tax collection. It is completely optional but is encouraged for those who are not crafting or saving for an auction item.
Genesis 14:20 And blessed be God Most High, Who has delivered your enemies into your hand. And he (Abraham) gave him a tenth of all.
For more discussion on tithing, you can refer to this link: Redeemed tithing discussion.

Do we raid and/or have planned events?
We will have planned events that will be announced via forums, guild message of the day, and on the guild website.

What are the positions, roles, and qualifications for being a guild officer?
A discussion of what we look for in a BD4L can be found here: Redeemed BD4L election discussion.
A description of officer positions: Redeemed in-game positions defined.
A discussion of officer positions and guild roles can be found here: Redeemed guild officer election discussion.

Do you have bible studies?
We encourage those who feel inspired by the word to share what God has shown them through group studies and prayer. You do not need to be an officer to do this. Just let atleast one officer know first! Here are some example bible studies recorded on the forums: bible study #2 and bible study #3.

I want to participate in guild event xyz but my schedule prevents it.
Well it on your own time! Although the raid leaders of the guild will hold planned events, we understand that not everyone can make these events and/or not everyone will be able to participate. Because of this, we encourage everyone to spontaneously form up raiding, public quest and oRvR groups. Here are some notes from a past Bastion Stair raid, if you decide to run it: Bastion Stair raid.

What is the latest status of Redeemed Warhammer?
State of the Guild Address

I have a question about how the guild works but it isn't covered here.
Feel free to contact a linked officer above (a few questions up in this posting) with questions!
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