Gree Event is back at level 55


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Found a guide to the new Gree Achievements since that was added since the last time the Gree even was active. I am disappointed because I would have had one of them at least. Also note that the PvP achievement encourages ganking the folks trying to do the Pylon quest.

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Hey everyone, with Relics of the Gree event returning today, there will be some newly added achievements associated with this event. While most of it is super self-explanatory, I thought I would touch on some of the tougher ones in case you need a hand.

PvE Achievements

You will get a legacy title called Gray Perpendicular if you do the following
Kill Gravak'k 10 times
Kill Surgok'k 10 times
Kill 1000 droids in Western Ice Shelf (mostly north of the zone and inside the Gray Secant)
Kill 25 of the specified creatures in Balmorra, Tatooine, Alderaan, Quesh, and Belsavis with the Mini Gray Secant pet summoned (Junior Research Project)

Junior Research Project is probably the least straightforward achievement. You must have Legend Standing with the Gree to be able to purchase the pet to do this achievement. Tatooine and Quesh are fairly easy to complete but Balmorra/Alderaan can be a bit of a pain (nothing you can't complete in a day though).
You can do this achievement even if the Gree event is not active so if the areas get too cramped you can always come back later.
I have mapped out spawn locations of these creatures you need to kill. You probably won't need it for Quesh/Tatooine but it may help for Balmorra/Belsavis/Alderaan :

PVP Achievements
You will get a legacy title called either Blue Octagon or Red Octagon (Blue for Republic, Red for Empire) if you do the following
Kill 50 players with Gree Energy Orb explosion (orb explodes if you deposit it on the pylon, get killed carrying it or the buff expires). This might be abit tricky to do.
Kill 100 players of the opposite faction on Western Ice Shelf while the bolster is active.

Other resources
Longer writeup of the achievement guide
: need to be updated with the correct commendations/loot drops once the event goes live tomorrow)

Enjoy! to Relics of the Gree event[/url
I'm glad it's finally back. I think I'm at Champion level. I'll have to run each of my toons through and hopefully get to Legend so I can get the pet and do the Junior Research Project. I'm thinking that we should have a good-sized group to go into the PvP area.
Yeah, going solo into the PvP area is going to be suicide. I was reading some yahoo complaining about bolster and how it made it harder to gank lowbies. Even other PvPers were schooling the guy.
FYI, I discovered last night that you need to be at least 50 to get bolster and participate in the Gree event. So if you are in your 50s join us on Illum for the Gree dailies, Aleron and I are working toward Legend status with the enclave. :cool:

/Bolster boosts your stats to be 55ish and allows you equal footing with the mobs (and somewhat with pvpers) in the Gree event.
Cool. I'll get on. I've got four pub toons and two imp toons to run through it. I'm way behind the power curve.