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Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As many of you know I decided to delete all my toons and end the addiction I had with this game. I've had a conviction the last few months and thinking going to a Christian guild would change things and help me realize real life is more important. Long story short it didn't change much and I needed to make a serious decision for my life. I played a little less than three years and during that span issues arrised in real life including relationships, medical reasons, and lost hope. I won't go into detail, but I knew I needed to do something now since it's all been a downward spiral.

This was not an easy decision and have always thought it would be a waste to quit since I have put so much time into it, but in reality I know the more I put into this game, the downward spiral feeling will grow even stronger. I think this game is fine for those who can create a balance of real life > wow, which I think is tough to do, however I could not master it, so there was really only one option left.

Before I deleted the toons, I prayed to God to deliver me from the addiction and to give me the strength to go through this. As each toon was deleted the burden from my shoulders was getting lighter and lighter. I can feel God coming in and relieving the addiction. I know without any doubt this is the direction God has for me and I'm glad I followed what He wants me to do. As of now I have had no cravings for coming back and so thankful He is continuing His work on me. I humbly ask to please pray for me for God to continue to eliminate the cravings of going back to wow.

I won't be eliminating video games all together :), I will be wiping the dust from the 360 and playing some games on that. I was never addicted to console gaming, so I know that can be controlled otherwise I'd leave the dust on that too :).

I know I have been distant from the guild and there was reasons for it. One I'm not an outgoing person and takes me a while to open up and two I was dealing with this burden that has now been lifted. I am going to take quitting from wow as a blessing from God and looking forward to what God has in store in 2010. Seek Him first and always be open to what God has in store for you.

Love in Christ,

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Mike, well said and praise the Lord that you were willing to be obedient. He will bless you for that. I will pray the Lord will release you from the addiction and focus your energies on the fruit of the Spirit.



As someone that has played in MMOs a lot over the last 10 years, I have seen a lot of people that get stuck in their addictions and refuse to give up the game, even if it's destroying their lives. May God bless you richly for being open enough to admit that you had a problem, identify it, and step forward in faith to move forward with your life and healing.


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When a person learns self control he beats addiction.

My prayers go with you.

“You do anything long enough to escape the habit of living
until the escape becomes the habit.”
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Congratulations on this step of faith, Mike, and I pray that God's rich blessings invade your life. It has been great getting to know you over the past little while, and I whole-heartedly support your decision. While it is always sad to say goodbye to a new friend, I know that goodbye is never permanent for a member of the family of God. When we meet again, be it in this life or the next, it will be a joy.

Don't look back, keep your eyes on the goal.
With love,


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Thanks guys for the encouraging replies. Been a week and no cravings to come back so those prayers are working great! Thank you for the prayers. Adam nailed it in that I need to focus my energies on the fruits of the spirit, especially self control! :)

God Bless,

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