Golden Compass


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Hey, just as a simple thing, what exactly are the characters aliances with? like the bear suppose to be satan or something? i heard alot of stuff but i dont remember.

From pure film standpoint:

Couple good things and a couple lame things

The acting was just a hair over the top, and that was mostly due to the childrens roles but then again, their just kids so you cant assume too much. I thought overall the roles were done well though.

Production style you can look at it two ways. 1. They could have made it more realistic and when it came to the high tech stuff made it seem more like the atlantis world, or 2. kept it that way or else it would have never worked. Either way is fine, but it felt kinda like a FF game. Figure out the bad guy, get party members, fly in an airship, blow stuff up, save the world.

The biggest issue - IT WAS VERY DISJOINTED. there was no common theme or thread in the movie that pulled it together. they should have made it longer and allowed that theme to get pulled in, but it was very jumpy and nearly no character development. This was the biggest disappointing part of it, is they could have done sooo much more, but they didt.

the Daemons - i thought were very well done, the conversations between them, the structure of the world in that respect, i thought it was well conceived and conveyed.

The bear's - the battles and actions could have been better. when the bear it wasnt gruesome, i dont think i saw any blood, however when something was dead it was like "ooooooooooh you know hes not gonna be in golden compass 2." The bear fights could have been better, longer, more imagination.

Overall - the movie with the disjointed-ness and the lack of emotions, and the bears not really being that uber, failed at being epic.

5.5 out of 10
What the series is about is they kill God at the end of the series. The bad guys are a religious organization. I agree pretty much with Atown's review on the movie. It could have been a whole lot better as a film but had it moments.
I was gonna say...the Author is atheist, and supposedly kills God and buries Him at the end of it all...though oddly enough, there seems to be much evidence in favor of a "higher spiritual power" throughout it all