Gladiator vs. Templar


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Hi guys...
I am re-rolling a new character on Siel, and I need your opinions in which class to choose.

I've done a lot of research on these 2 classes regarding DPS, and it's an even 2-side argument.

I see some templar with greatswords doing a lot of damage just like a gladiator, so I am quite confused on whether a glad or a templar would be better at doing damage...

Also the debate about GS vs. Polearm gives me a headache too @_@

Any input is much appreciated :)

Thank you!


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Would be curious to know as well, I'm just about to Ascend on my warrior. I am mostly leaning Glad because they look so dang cool spinning with that polearm and they can tank like 75% of the game or so.


From what I've observed, if you want to Tank, Templar is the choice. If you want to PvP and annoy Asmos, Glad is the choice. I have a low level Asmo glad on Israphel and he's been fun to play.


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temps have to have good gear in order to put out dps that means you will have s&b and gs and you will be swaping between the 2
glads gs has more accuracy the polearm less also pole has a more wider dps versus gs
i 've see glads use both
its cheaper to gear out a glad versus a temp
also temps dont start getting good until 45 my 2 cents
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