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Tribe of Judah Star Wars: The Old Republic Galacti
I would like to try and do more as a guild, but we seem so few and not always on at the same time. I thought I would start this thread so everyone can post there usual play times for others, if you want.

I usually play evenings from around 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM CST. I have been busier than usual with work lately, so have not played as much as I would like, but I am planning to try and be around every Tues, Thurs, and Sat evening. Sometimes I play at later times when my friend can play as well. We are both in Oklahoma (CST).
I'm usually on every night. There have been a few evenings this week where I've been the only one on all evening. I'm on MST and generally am on from 6pm to 10 or 11 pm.
I am usually on starting at around 8pm at nights if there is no other activities that I need to commit to. My time zone is PST.
There have been many nights the last couple of weeks where I'm the only one on. My daughter just got the game and joined the guild. I helped her Smuggler with Fall of the Locust last night. Avish was the only other person on. You would think that weekends would see more activity but that hasn't been the case. Where did everyone go? Must be ADD :p
Sorry, my game partner had a death in her family and I was not very active this past weekend. I plan to be on more next weekend for sure. Weekdays are iffy due to my work, but I will be on when I can.

I posted the recruiting posts, but doesn't seem to have been much response. I was hoping someone might know some other sites I could post on, besides MMORPG and SWTOR. I have not had the time to search for others lately.

I will try to get more posted next month. I have been on a few times, but was also alone. We don't really have too many members at the moment. I am hoping that will change as the year goes on.
I hope she's doing ok. RL always needs to take priority.

I set up an account on but haven't been back to check on that message. I don't know know how much activity some of the other sites have. I know there's some that are specific to SWTOR.

Sometimes the best response comes from recruiting on one of the training worlds via general chat.
So question. If I start a character here, what class, spec would you find most beneficial? Or which do you lack the most? I wouldn't want to picks something that everybody is playing.
You should play a class that you think you'll enjoy. I have a Jedi Knight Sentinel, Jedi Consular Sage and Trooper Commando. I enjoy playing all of them. I think we may be light on tanks, though, so maybe a Jedi Guardian? I don't think we have many Smugglers.
I like it ... a lot. Jedi guardian or smuggler. ... I'll roll something tonight. :D I had gotten into it because of a friend, but I can't seem to find him. So I'd like to spend my initial 60 days with you guys instead. LOL

Hmm. Guardian or smuggler. ... I've already got an imperial bounty hunter so I guess I may give guardian a go. We'll see.

Thanks for the response!
We're on Vrook Lamar on the Republic side.

*Edit: Thanks for pointing out the lack of server info. I created a Guild info thread.
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I am usually working until 5 pm EST so I can get on around 6 pm EST for 2-3 hours weekdays.
Sounds good. Lately, I've been getting on around 7pm MDT. So I'm probably logging in around the time you're logging off. I'll try to get on a bit earlier. Did you get an invite yet?
Yes, I did. Ends up, I was playing in the wrong server for a bit there. I caught Baric and a couple other people and they helped me out. Thankfully, I am good at retracing steps, so what took me two days, only took me one, and I am pretty much back to where I was in the first place.