Get 30 free warhammer days and pay nothing trick


If you:
  • used to play and have been thinking about resubscribing
  • know someone who is already playing war

then you are in luck!

Ewoks aka Myrakle aka Lirum has come up with this neat trick which is not really a trick per se, but a means of getting more people to play Warhammer without having to dig into their college fund!

The trick is that the Recruit-a-Friend promo will give 30 free days to the referring account owner if and only if the trial account buys a month of Warhammer. So instead of the original account owner enjoying those 30 days for free, he will essentially pay for the first month of the trial account. In other words, the referring friend essentially gives up his 30 free days to pay for the new person's first month of play time (and friendship). Friendship isn't for free around here, ha!

The net result is:
  • monetarily, it's a wash for the reffering account.
  • the person who is unsure about committing to War, will have plenty of time to decide if they like it.
  • more guild comradery, more fun, more game success and less PUGs.

If you're a paying member, here's the short on how to do the referral trick:

  1. Get your friend/family member's email address to start the trial account with.
  2. Go into your account center and find the Recruit-a-Friend area. Refer them using the email address.
  3. The recruitee gets the referrer email and signs up. They immediately get 10 free trial days.
  4. Have the new user give you his/her login information. (Let's be smart here people and set a temporary password.)
  5. Log into their account and pay for their first month. The recommended payment method is via a prepaid game card. I can use a secure credit card number that works only with Warhammer. NOTE: Make sure to not leave any credit card information or private information behind once you're done or you will be paying someone else's account unto perpetuity and that would be bad, bad bad!!!

Someone who is completely new needs to buy the retail version and register it. Although the trick 'could' work in this case, it would require the extra work of the referrer to buy warhammer and send it out to the trial owners shipping address. You can buy the retail version at certain locations for really cheap. I've asked Keero to reply to this posting with a recommendation.

Voila, everyone's happy. Go! Fight! Win! Roast squig anyone?

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Hiya! Well the cheapest I found was at Amazon for about 15 bucks:

Steam still has it for 40 (and that's a lot of downloading), Wal-Mart for 30, so 15 bucks pretty much is buying your first month if you're new to the game (some of us got it for 50 mind you xD)

If other MMOs are starting to feel sameish, give this game a try, the RVR is incredible, there has been tons of bugfixes (haven't played since last November, I can tell :p) and the guild is very friendly. ^__^)_b
I have to admit that trying out War again is kinda tempting.

I loved the lower Tiers and plowing through the Keeps on Ezi Mode! (I remembered his name!)

Does anyone have a scroll?

Edit, apparently I had a scroll for 10 days.

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Yeah but don't use your scroll....the point of this thread is that instead of 10 free days you can have 40! You just need a active player like me to refer you....The other point of this thread is not only to get yourself 40 instead of 10 free days, but to hook up a guilde with rewards.
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I was in T1 and T2 recently Odale, and those Destros love getting close the cannons. We can bait them again. <3
Perhaps, you could play the 10 day scroll, let it cancel and then do the 40 day trick? Does the scroll interfere in any way?