Genshin Impact

Krissa Lox

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I've been playing this game for a while but held back on posting about it here, because I consider it falling into a category of being a really great game in terms of playing mechanics, literary narrative, and philosophical content, but with some elements that could possibly make other Christians (or their parents/spouses/church members/or other people they care about) uncomfortable enough that it seems prudent to err on the side of caution in not openly advertising in the public forums to avoid the risk of inadvertently causing anyone else problems if they were intrigued by my descriptions of the game but then got blindsided by content they weren't expecting when looking it up or trying it out.

However, because some elements of the game are based on Gnostic Christianity, it's turned out to have an unexpected benefit of providing some openings to discuss Christian topics with non-Christian friends, so that got me thinking maybe I should see if there other Christians playing to connect with too, but I would still want to do so with sensitivity to not expose non-players to content they might find bothersome.

So if anyone else plays and would like to discuss related topics or could use help with anything, or if anyone would like more detailed information because they're considering it or have concerns about it, feel free to PM me.

If there are multiple people who turn out to have a long-term interest, maybe Tek could make us some kind of private forum for games like this where there's some elements of Christian value but also other areas that might cause offense, so people who are interested can specifically opt-in to be able to discuss that kind of content without bothering others who would find it uncomfortable. But I'm also fine with just sticking to PMs for it if making some kind of specialized forum area like that would be cumbersome or weird.