GAH! What happened to my hunter!


Ok, now that I have your attention, its not all bad. Kahless has already started a thread on hunters but I figured I would provide a new one with a list of all the standard resources I used to get MOP ready, specifically today's patch.

Elistist Jerks - MOP FAQ

Warcraft Hunter's Union - Guide to patch 5.0.4

Marks365 - The Hunter's Guide to 5.0.4 - Excellent read for n00b hunters (aka Todd's hunter)

Icy Veins recap

I will add others as I come across them. I haven nothing about pets specifically but these articles address the essentials. Tom, please feel free to add other resources you feel are good.

For our raiding hunters, I would point you to one post with some dps results from the latest patch from Rivkah about half way down the page, post 158.
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I should mention that Mr. Robot has been updated for 5.0.4 for all classes so if you want the easy version of what needs to be reforged, head over there.