Free Portal-themed DLC coming to Escape Simulator September 7


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Dear test subjects,

Your services are required in this new Portal Escape Chamber on September 7th. This chamber is approved by Valve and based on the Aperture Science Enrichment Center from the Portal games! We are of course incredibly thankful to the entire team at Valve for letting us create this new free DLC, which is truly a wish come true for all of us at Pine Studio!

In this free-to-play DLC for Escape Simulator, you and fellow subjects scientists (up to nine) were part of a minor workplace incident, causing the place to go into a state of complete lockdown. Now that you’re trapped in this laboratory, it’s up to you all to stay calm and escape.

Solve puzzles, repair the Personality Core, reunite with some familiar cube-shaped friends, and break the Aperture Laboratories’ safety protocols to gain your freedom. And to make your escape a little bit sweeter. we promise that there will be cake. No lie.
Source: Portal-themed DLC is coming! This is not a lie!

You're all welcome to join us Friday, September 8 on the CGA Discord server to play the new DLC!