Free and Infinite Warhammer Play : The Endless Trial


Now you can play Warhammer for free and for as long as you want! This is for real! Check it out!

Infinite Warhammer Online Free Play

Thanks to Keero for the tip, Mythic now is giving people a huge reason to come back and play. For free!

ps. They seem to just be putting this offer together because the FAQ on Warhammer's site seems incomplete. You can click and check and see if they updated it tho:
Warhammer Online Trial Account Link

Note that there are two prominent catches that I'm aware of:
  1. First, you can only level to level 10. It doesn't matter how many chars you create and re-create however.
  2. Also, you are limited to certain servers. I do not know if Iron Rock, our Order server, is part of the free trial selection.

Special Note: If you plan to subscribe at some point, don't forget about Myrakle's free 30 days to subscribe: Get 30 free warhammer days and pay nothing trick

Special Note 2: My availability as of late is limited but I am always available via the forums or IM to coordinate guild invites as well as most/all remaining guild members have invite privs.

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