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I have changed my PC colors from blue to red.

Here is a pic of my new layout

I have an issue though, the CGA forums are way too bright and clash with my red. Is there a way to change the theme of the site? Way back when, I was a site admin and made quite a few selectable themes for our guild/clan/group. Is that still possible? If it is, I would be more than happy doing some of the leg work.

Also, not sure if its related, but I sleep much better now that I changed to red. :cool:


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Yes, yes, yes. I'd love to add some more themes/skins to the forums.

If you want to whip up some vBulletin 4.x themes and send them to me and Lloren, one of us can get them installed.

On the subject of screens and sleep, I have f.lux installed on almost every screen I use after sunset and I've found those screens are much easier on the eyes at night.


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The long process starts with getting a vBulletin running on my localhost.

Hopefully my A.D.D. doesn't take over. I'd really like to get some nice themes for us.