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I'm new here, been trying to find other Christian gamers to play Aion with. I've played Aion for several months, but took a long break from the game and just recently came back to playing today.

I am working on setting up a new Christian Legion. I just got the bare-bones of the site up a few mins ago. I already have the Legion name put in place on one of my alt-toons (former main toon), and I'm currently lvl'n up an assassin right now to take over the Legion.

My goal for the Legion is to provide a Christian family area for other Christians to play Aion with, as well as being a witness to others (not jaming the Bible down their throat or anything like that) about Christ.

I try to play Aion on a daily basis for several hours, so it's not like I'm going to be on here or there and not on the rest of the time.

Here's the info on the Legion so far.

Legion: Theocracy
Server: Israphel
Race: Asmodian

Time I'm usually on: evening and late evening, EST

If anyone is interested, I will post a follow-up thread when the Legion is officially up and running, and recruiting.
I have a few Asmos on Israphel. I haven't played the game regularly since last winter, though. If I get back into Aion, I'd definitely be interested in joining. My secular Legion on Israphel has died off.
the same thing happened to the one I was in, called, Knights of the Black Dragon. From what I understand, what players that were still active from that one left and made Kill 'em All. I figured that instead of trying to find another secular one myself, I'd just find a group of fellow Christians to join up with.

And if you do get back on Aion, my assassin's name is Irenaeusian, be honored to have ya in the group.

God bless

- Irenaeus
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hi there i'll be more than happy to help you been playing on that server for awhile but when they made the new server i made a new account and started on kharun
but i can start back playing on israphel agin as long as i have someone to game with

ps but with gw2 around the corner it might be short live alot of former elect been waiting on it
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Hey, sorry taken me so long to get back to this.

the Legion name is Theocracy.

I should be back on in the game later on. Just got done playing for 5hrs.

My in game name is Irenaeusian