For all new members of TheForgiven ...

HI all! New member here. Thanks for the invite!
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Access Request

Hi all!

This is Steve a.k.a. Bethamel

Requesting access to the Guild Only part of the forums.

Thank you!
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This is Aenori/Doyi; I thought I made a forum account earlier, but it doesn't seem to be in the system.

Also, I'm going to be leaving for three months starting tomorrow for school; I will very likely be back when I return. ^_^
We have a "Guild Members Only " forum here which requires your username to be added in order to get access. If you do not see this forum please post on this thread and I will get your names added.

:confused: I'm new to this. I signed up and received the email with my activation # but I don't see anywhere to use it. Looking forward to getting to know some other christian gamers, I started playing to be with my children who are all grown up and away from home, but now they've gone on to other things it seems. :)
hi kahale,
are you looking for the forgiven acess or another game, and if forgiven which is your ingame char