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A friend of mine gave us a big help and did some research on tournaments. Here's his post

This contains all the dates and info of the current/upcoming tournaments in North America and Europe.
*from here you should be able to access each tournament organization's web site.
couldn't find anything on tournaments in Asian though :\ perhaps someone could help us out on that.

Go4sc2 Cup #26 8/4 (already happened)
tournament tree and today's result
*one of the semi-final matches between socke and huk was postponed until 8/5 (time still to be determined); with Dimaga sitting in one of the finalist's seat awaiting for his opponent.

for future Go4sc2 Cups. you can watch the live stream from their ESL radio site. or you can simply join irc's quake net and join their mirc channel. (i actually met morrow, huk, dimaga, ciara, and basically all the other pros who participated in this tournament) it was quite fun.

and while you're in the chat room, people will advertise their individual stream... since it is a big bracket and there's multiple matches going on at the same time. so different streamers will follow different players. :D

Definitely check out these cups. they're real fun to watch. and a good way to meet the pros :D
2 good places for up to date replays:

For Rankings:
(from beta i believe)