I'm only a lvl35 right now but I thought I'd make this thread to see if anyone wanted to run some flashpoints. Maybe we could get a small group and start knocking some of these out.:)
Hey, you're leveling up fast! I'm happy to jump in but most of my Republic toons are 55, so it would nerf your exp. If you're mainly interested in getting through them and grabbing rewards, I'd love to help. I've got one Republic toon in the 20s but haven't been on him lately except to do some crafting.
Thanks for the offer Aleron! I'll probably hit 50 in the next couple of days. If you still want to run some flashpoints just give me a shout.
Hey Floyd, are you Free to Play? Or are you going to level up to 55? Curious because there are more options at 55. I usually get on after 9 pm EST I hope we can connect for some FP fun as I haven't had the chance to do many.