First go at DoW! AWESOME!


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Okay so I just played through my first battle of DoW...AWESOME!!! The ability to increase my army was MASSIVE and I was overwhelmed by the intense battles!!!
I'm waiting for one big pack with the original Dawn of War plus every expansion to sell for under $50. Then I plan on buying it.

It's a great game in its own respect. After the flood of new FPS titles subsides, I'll likely return to RTS gaming for a while. I like to split my time between the two genres.
Tek, you can get DoW Platinum, which contains all 3 DoW games, for $30 off of Steam.

I might just have to pick up the Platinum Pack with my first paycheck from my next job. :)

EDIT: Looks like there's another expansion for DoW called Soulstorm due out next year.
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