Final BWE Guild Invite List


Aleron.6357 is my account name.

I think I'm going to try a Sylvari but not sure what profession. The name will have Aleron in it.


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My in game name will be Shadow Roe, and I'm thinking of trying an elementalist first. Not sure about race yet, since this is the first beta weekend I will be playing in. I will probably try a couple of different ones, before deciding.


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I said I would roll Rumor Whisperpaw... I meant Rumor Moonshade...

I'll throw him up just to get connected with you guys, but mostly I'm going to be playing with the character creator to get ready for Aug 28 and running around with Asura and Sylvari to see which ones I like.


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I will be on Friday (today) as soon as it starts but have a block party at church tomorrow and will be in the "Dunk a Deacon Tank" but I will talk to ya'll and let you know what my name is that I am playing, Nought???


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Going to try for Alleran Dicrosi, and some kind of Ranger.. Honestly havent been keeping up with all as much as I should have been, but hoping to jump right in :)

Edit to add account name: blsimpson.8940
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I will be on early today and will invite according to this list, with priority given to those who have presented account name and number. Be patient please, as I get officers in the process will speed up, see you IG.


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Add Cadeyrn.6905 to the list. He's a new user still in moderation (should be out of it sometime today) but wanted to make sure he gets an invite ASAP.


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Thanks Stc95. I am working until 9 eastern time tonight, but hopefully will be able to see a few of you sometime after that.


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Ok ladies, gents, and other critters guild is up and running, if I have an account name I can invite even if you have no toon yet.