final bible study details


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Hey- im back from guatemala. Awesome time. I decided to start this post in order to get the final details for the bible study set in stone. from the last meeting- this is what im under the impression that has been decided:

- each leader come up with their own material, for now. Then start with a theme kindof. ?? i might be wrong here. but i havent heard of any material or theme being decided upon.

- thursdays at 10est.

let me know if im wrong here. we need to get this set in stone so we can get started!
holy was this from before you left or since youve gotten back?
I had Rizz make a poll cause we were still having problems of when. I myslef have had problems with both nights this past week but thursdays still tend
to be more difficult for me. I am not certain if I will be able to help as much as I wanted to so you guys can figure it out for sure. Blessings,"Angel"
that was from after i got back. sorry i havent posted for a few days- went on a quick trip to grandmas for a suprise 50th anniversary party.
I still havent heard anything.. I would have hoped you guys were ready to start up the study... whereabouts are we with it?
I don't have any info myself rizz due to ooc things. I do know people are asking outloud in forums for this to happen so I'm hoping those of you who are going to be the leaders will start praying so that God will hit your hearts with a rush and things will go in His way. I will still try to be around to help support you if I am able. Blessings,"Angel"