FF XIV: A Realm Reborn

hi i miss childofgod i put childoffod. but anyway i like help you guys if can i problem buy two or copy of the game

I checked the member list and as no one appears to have the name "ChildOfGod" I can correct your name if you would like. Just pm me or reply here if you do. It should change your user name login to it if I do so remember that (though this will be my first time trying to change a name).

Your grammar is a bit difficult to understand but we welcome you to the forums! :)
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Beta weekend coming up again this weekend. In light of this, I'm doing something I haven't done in a while: I'll be getting ahead on homework for the sake of allocating time for gaming. haha

Beta starts Friday. Register for the beta if you haven't already! :D
Good luck! Code get! :D

I think, even though I've more time invested into Hinotan Exanti, I'm gonna make the switch to focusing on Luuka Burassii. Much as I otherwise enjoy being a giant, I'm not big on having my chin buried in my chest any time I want to talk with someone.
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If you guys want to pick out a server for a ToJ FFXIV, please post which server you choose in this thread. Any ToJ member in good standing is welcome to start a ToJ guild in beta; please just post a reply and let us know that you created one and what you named it.

We don't have a candidate for FFXIV guild leader at this time, but I'm definitely open to the idea of taking a second shot at a FFXIV chapter. :)

I have been out of the loop since SOLA started and I wanted to say Hi to anyone planing to play FFXIV here in ToJ.

SOLA has started up a healthy FFXIV guild (approx 40 people at the moment), and I would like to talk with who ever will be leading ToJ in FFXIV so I could touch base about an alliance or just tell you we are here on Behemoth Server. With the large end game content an alliance might be nice from the start as we would be on the same server if we talked sooner rather then later.

If you guys are forming up a guild and wish to forum an alliance please feel free to tell me, if you are not actually forming up (I didnt see a post specific post to this or I would have sent a PM) then swing over and check us out.

Honestly the larger end game content has me excited and I am really looking for friendly guilds to join up with as well as more members for our guild.

Thanks so Much for you Time.
31 of 72 members on this morning! Pretty great start on the Behemoth server.

edit: 38 ppl on!
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Hmmm. No free trial. I think I will wait a bit on this one and see if I can try before I buy.

Still greatly enjoying GW2, and have been playing D3 on the side. Also have GW in the wings for HoM unlocks...too many games, not enough time. However, my current selection has the right pricing....free.

Good luck and enjoy. With my new PC it tempts me greatly to get into this as it looks like a beautiful game!
I just don't understand how 50 people can be so wrong...

hating on FF for 10 years and going strong.
Hey, I am hoping to see if there is anyone wanting to help start up a ToJ FF14 guild/free company. I would be more than willing to assist in its startup. I am still young in the game itself, so I know I couldn't do it alone. I am in the "Malboro" world. Any thoughts?
The game is quite fantastic with some of the best graphics ever seen in a mmo. The amt of content seems staggering and server issues aside it is quite bug free. I highly recommend it!
Hello all! Three things:

1. Can anyone explain the 'sexual themes' rating that FF14:ARR has received?

2. Over the past several pages in this thread, starting up a ToJ guild has been discussed including which server to land it on. Has a decision been made? Tarsis basically invited us to the BEHEMOTH server for a friendly alliance and/or joining him in SoLA.

3. How are alliances working in FF14:ARR?
  1. I can't really say yet, I have not seen much in regards to sexual themes, but I am only lvl 22 in story line. Granted it is a MMO so you might see players in their underwear and swimsuits. There is some amount of swearing but it is somewhat masked with a different spelling to match the racial language nuances in the game.
  2. skichriscross said he would lead one on the Malboro server, and of course anyone is welcome to join SOLA on Behemoth.
  3. There is a thing called Link Shells which are like private groups with chat channels. An alliance could be in a LS which would be separate from the Free Companies(guilds)