FF XIV: A REALM REBORN - ToJ Guild/Free Company Start-up Interest


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Hey, I am hoping to see if there is anyone wanting to help start up a ToJ FF14 guild/free company. I would be more than willing to assist in its startup. I am still young in the game itself, so I know I couldn't do it alone. I am in the "Malboro" world. Any thoughts? Would love to see us represented in this new game.
Have you been able to start a free company yet? You posted a similar message in another thread. I jumped onto that one and recommended starting one on the Behemoth server. SoLA is on Behemoth and they've reached out to CGA offering a home and/or an alliance (linkshell).

My wife and I are interested in giving FF14 a try. We are put off a bit by the rating so we'll use the initial period to make a call on continuing with it. That is if we ever get a copy of the game. The PC download and hard-copies are unavailable.
Well FYI character creation has been closed on Behemoth for a while. We have many players who have had to start on a different server and are waiting for a server transfer to join us on Behemoth. :( Not to mention those that want to play but cannot even buy the game.
Thanks for the info Ewoksrule. Are they bunching up on another server or coming from all over? Server transfers won't happen for quite some time with all the server problems there are already facing.

How do dungeons/instances/raids work? Do you have to be from the same server or can you party up with people from other servers like you can with GW2? I would assume linkshells only work per server...?