Feb, 2013 Update times, info and such


Tribe of Judah Aion Chapter Leader

Server: Siel
Race: Elyos,
Time: 6pm - 8pm EST Weekdays
Voice - CGA Teamspeak

If I am in game, I am on Teamspeak. Please do the same, it's always nice to have company even when your doing different goals!

I am currently running with Decheck/Dechants. We do not yet have absolute times but are looking at grouping between 6-8pm on weekdays. Eventually, we will probably set 3 days a week for guild gaming activities. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave a note here or or mail me in game.

My main is Kanshisha .
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he hasn't been on for a few months but i'm still playing
i bounce around on the different servers trying to decide which one i want to play on