Family Problems


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Hey all. Sorry I have not been active, but having some family medical problems. I will get back as soon as I can, but between more work and family, I have not had much time to play SWTOR.

If you are a Prayer Warrior, we could use your prayers for Jennifer, who is currently in the hospital with a serious virus. She was running 104 temperature and is very sick. She is only 17. Also, prayers for Viola. She is also in the hospital with heart problems. She is in her 70s.

Thanks for any prayers and I will get back to the game as soon as I can.
Will do on the prayer. I haven't had time to play in the last couple weeks either. Praying for everyone to heal up in your family.
Thanks for the prayers all. Both are now home and doing better. :)
I will be back in the game this week, starting this evening. Sorry for the long absence, but the illnesses in the family and the release of Mass Effect 3, and work, kept me busy. But things are getting back to normal now.

Thanks for the prayers and patience. See you in space. :)
It'll be good to see you. It seems that most have stopped playing. I usually find myself alone in the guild. My daughter just got the game and gets on when she can. Planet populations have dropped a lot (only 15 on Alderaan last night).

Even though a server merge would be a headache (player & legacy names), I hope they do one soon.

*Edit: I loved playing ME2, but I only paid $5 for it during a Steam sale. I'll wait until something similar happens with ME3 :D
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