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Facebook integration
Broadcast your adventures beyond Telara with our new Facebook integration. Once you log into your Facebook through the RIFT patcher, you will be able to send updates directly to your wall. Using the game interface, just type “/fb” followed by any text you like to post a message, or “/fbpic” to post your message and a screenshot of whatever you’re looking at.
So with 1.2 patch they will add Facebook Integration. I thought it might fun for everyone to make a new Facebook account for their main toon. We could all add each other and maybe even start a <Reborn> Facebook group or something.

If you already use Facebook all the time, you can easily use a different web browser (like Google chrome or Firefox) to stay logged into your Toon's FB account and not have to logout of your personal FB account.

The fun advantage of this vs the Twitter that is already in game, is we can "like" each others posts and comment on the fun things we do and discover.

Please use this thread to post your new Facebook account for use in RIFT so we can all add each other. If you want to also post your regular account you can as well, but label clearly which one is RIFT and which is your personal.

PS. the reason to make a new account, is that this one will be spammed with all the wall feeds from in-game and it will probably be a mess of nerdy RIFT information. I would imagine most of us don't want to subject our non-gaming friends to that kinda of spammage.
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This might make a good msg of the day/week ingame since some people might not be reading the message board as frequently as we do.

I think this is an awesome update to the game and a nice way for us all to be connected one more way.