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For quite a while now I've been playing a game from Starwraith 3D Games titled EvoChron: Renegades.

It's the latest incarnation in quite a long series and I have to say it rocks. ;)

If you like space combat and games along the lines of X3: Reunion, Freelancer, Freespace 2, Elite, Wing Commander 1-4, I'd definitely recommend checking it out:


There's a demo version, and three of the previous games(Riftspace, Starwraith III and IV) are available for free now. :) (All three of which I have bought, played, and enjoyed immensely)

Btw, Renegades includes a multiplayer mode which is finally starting to get populated with more players and clans - might be a good avenue for another TOJ clan? (You can host multiplayer through the game itself or with an external server program that's available from the site)

The game itself is quite beautiful. :) In some of the previous versions I had quite a bit of fun creating unique screenshots of it for the creator to put on the site.
(Many of them involved massive explosions caused by torpedoes... >_> )

Screenshots are here: http://starwraith3dgames.home.att.net/evochronrenegades/screenshots.htm

and here's one linked: