Everquest 2

Krissa Lox

Active Member
I haven't played in years other than occasionally logging in for holiday events so I don't really know the current state of the game right now. I don't anticipate getting seriously back into it anytime soon since MMOs tend to take more regular upkeep than I have to commit at the moment, but I don't discount it as a future possibility either.

However, I do still own my own guild <The Lords Keep> there, which has a guildhall and basic amenities like banking, crafting, broker, and teleportation, so if anyone here plays that doesn't yet belong to a guild and would like to be added in order to use the guild services so that they can be of some purposeful use instead of just sitting there collecting virtual dust, feel free to post here or PM me and I'd be happy to arrange that for you.

Last time I logged in I was on Skyfire server, but sometimes servers get merged so might be somewhere else now. But I've also gotten a new computer in the meantime, too, so I also need some time to redownload the game to be able to get in and verify details and set things up. Which I am happy to do if it would be of benefit to anyone, but it's a pretty big download that will take a while over my less-than-stellar internet service, so I'm not going to be in a rush to get that done right away unless someone responds back with interest.