Eve Online Character Journal - Kai Jager


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Inspired by Patriot's awesome Skyrim character journals--which I'm still getting caught up on right now (got distracted by playing Eve yesterday)--I thought I would take a stab at something similar. I picked Dust514 back up, and it made me want to play Eve Online more than ever. Much like my Dust514 character journal, this will be for the professional and personal logs of my Eve toon, Kai Jager. He is the cousin to Hinotan Jager (my Dust514 character) and his still-unnamed brother.

In accordance with my efforts to make impulse buys, I haven't re-sub'd my Eve account. This character is on a trial account, and I'm using the trial to help me decide if subbing will be worth my money. In light of this, I only plan to play the toon for the two weeks of the trial, and I've already figured out how I'm going to deal with this in role-played narrative. :)

I'll be posting character logs here and on the newly created category of my blog found here. I've also created a Twitter account for the character. Because Twitter is cool and stuff, right?

Kai Jager is of the Gallente/Intaki faction/subfaction with no significant ties at the moment other than his graduation from the University of Caille.

While Hinotan is meant to capture the driven, never-say-never side of my nature, Kai more so captures the inquisitive and easily excited side of me.

Without further delay, the first entry:

Personal Log YC115.05.08

Well, it’s been a long while coming, but I’m finally free. Yes, I graduated from the University of Caille, but that’s not the freedom I’m talking about–I actually rather like the University. I’m talking about the freedom that comes from being a true capsuleer, from piloting my own ship, from owning my own ship.

I used to be so content without this freedom. I never thought I really needed it. Now that I have it, though, there are literally whole new worlds of opportunity for me. I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve always loved how much there is to see, study, and explore in space–how anyone could be disinterested in space is beyond me–but now I can go experience it all for myself.

And that’s exactly what I did. I wasted no time as I hurriedly followed the guidance given by my AI trainer, Aura. I admit that my piloting is still a bit clunky, but I’m getting there. In fact, after learning a few flying and combat essentials, I quickly got to the Trossere system. It was there that a few career experts offered to lend me some guidance of their own.

In time, I would like to take whatever training any of them will offer me. This morning, though, I didn’t hesitate to take Potillot Mumnier up on his exploration training first. With a few more tips from Aura and a lot of helpful information from Rulie Isoryn–a helpful and highly knowledgeable woman from the Sisters of EVE–I was taken to a few special training areas to learn the art and science of scanning spatial anomalies and signatures. They helped me develop rudimentary skills in finding and gathering resources from the depths of uncharted space.

This is so very exciting. This is what I signed up for when I joined the University.

I know that exploring space can be dangerous, though; my instructors today were keen on reminding me of said dangers. I would rather not fight, but I should probably return to the Trossere system sooner than later to learn some military fundamentals from Berlimaute Remintgarnes. Like it or not, I’ll need to be able to protect myself out there.

For now, though, I just arrived in the Jolia system. I decided to use my new freedoms to pay Hinotan, my cousin, a visit. I will have to ask him for any ship security tips he might be able to give me when he gets back from battle. He did just spend the last few months helping his brother with security in his new ship, after all.

Personal Log YC115.05.17

It’s been a rough standard week since my last log entry. Shortly after leaving my cousin, I picked up a strange cosmic signature on my scanners. My curiosity drove me forward. Once I located the source of the signature, I found that it was an unstable wormhole. I was anxious about not knowing what would be on the other side, but I simply could not resist the desire to see what was there. I decided to go through it. It was a thrilling experience.

And it got me killed.

Shortly after exiting the wormhole on the other side, I was attacked without warning. My ship was destroyed, and the party or parties responsible didn’t even leave my capsule intact. Not only did I lose nearly everything I owned, including all of my acquired research equipment, I suffered the horror of watching my capsule explode and the jarring effect of consciousness transference. In nearly every way, I am still me, but it is hard to come to terms with the idea that my person and my physical being are not one and the same. Even in a perfectly cloned body with the entirety of my consciousness, am I still truly me without the body I was born in?

Not wanting to experience that again, I returned to Trossere to claim a ship that was previously given to me and take up the offers of training from military professionals. I completed two training tracks since then, though I was forced to let a few ships get destroyed in the process, quite discomforting even though I was able to get away in my capsule in relative safety this time. That said, I’m pleased to say that my new ship is able to take–and give–considerably more damage than my exploratory vessel could. I fear an organized raiding party could still overtake me with ease. Still, I am able to defend myself against petty thuggery now.

However, I can’t help but be bothered by the necessity of arming myself so. I want to explore the vastness of space and conduct research and experiments. It’s so disturbing that the universe is such a hostile place, that people will attack other people even when they have nothing to be gained from it. I don’t want to fight anyone, and I don’t like the seeming inevitability of having to meet force with force in the future. There has got to be a better way to survive than this.

In any case, my research will continue. If I let fear stop me from my work, then I let those hostiles win. I want a better way, but I will make do the best I know how until I find one.

Not being real experienced with EVE, what are the actual penalties for dying? I assume you must retain at least a basic ship...
If you've gained a lot of experience and haven't paid to upgrade your clone reserves to higher quality clones, you can lose some of the experience you've put into skills (and sometimes even lose skill levels). I'm nowhere near needing to worry about that yet, so it isn't a concern at the moment, but it is one of the penalties for dying. You regain a basic capsule and, if you have no other ships waiting for you, you can get another of the most basic ships without any system upgrades free of charge. Biggest penalty is losing your investments on your ship (though you can buy insurance to recover some of your losses should your ship be destroyed) and whatever precious cargo you have.

And wounded pride, of course. :p
This is cool! It reminds me of some of my first times in EvE, haha. It's kind of cool how you can say, "It got me killed," and yet you're still alive because you can transfer your consciousness. It's such a dangerous world, that EvE cluster.