Eden World Builder


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Hey guys! I doubt many of you know who I am. After the forums updated, I have been really inactive. Sorry!!

Anyhow, any play Eden World Builder? For all those who don't know, it is a rip off of minecraft, available on iPod or iPhone. It's immensely fun. There are no monsters and there are unlimited blocks at your disposal so you can concentrate mainly on building!

If you do play, mind posting the name of your map? Thanks! I don't have one good enough to submit yet...lol...
It's decent for an app. I liked it when I tried it, but after playing Minecraft, I've little enthusiasm for Eden. I tried building some stuff, and ended up with a cool underground structure, but it gets a bit stale after a bit. It's literally just different skinned blocks. No tools, items, mechanisms, etc.
Yeah...I agree. Latley I have been playing minecraft classic and minecraft beta demo and have been enjoying it emensly! I'm thinking about buying the full minecraft game.