Does anybody play BlazBlue?

I have played it a little bit (I owned the PS3 version for a short time and I have a digital version on the Vita thanks to PS+). It's quite good for the genre, but I am a bigger fan of Persona 4 Arena because it is a bit more entry-level friendly in the genre of arcade fighters.
Supposedly Tek liked it as well, but is boycotting it because it's region-locked :p
Considering it's the only region-locked PlayStation 3 game ever, yes. I'm boycotting it on principle. I understand why Atlus region-locked P4A (a strong yen + a weak dollar) but I still can't agree with the decision.

There's also the matter of losing interest in fighting games because of Capcom releasing yet another edition of SFIV, my passionate frugality, my tendency to play a wide range of games (fighting games generally tend to require more time and dedication to build player skill to the point where the game is actually enjoyable, especially in the context of online multiplayer), not enjoying sitting and watching my characters get pummeled by a 150-hit air combo, and series (not just Capcom) tending to release 4-5 editions of the same game.

In short: I <3 Street Fighter and Soul Calibur local multiplayer and I like the art style of Arc System Works games and I put about 85 hours into Persona 3 (not counting The Answer) and 90 hours into Persona 4, but I just can't justify the cost of a game that I very likely won't enjoy as much as I want to.
Chaos Code came out. It looks interesting, but it's a bit over-sexified. There is no naked people in the game, but the outfits of the female characters are just too much. Then again, all of Arc System Works's games are inspired by anime, sooooooo........