Did Anyone Else See This? What Are Your Thoughts? (MSNBC PAle Rider)


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The Pale Rider/Horseman that appears on the video by MSNBC over in Egypt.

I was frankly surprised at the lack of posts or well, anything on the topic on most of the Christian sites I visit. With something that is drawing this much attention I would have guessed that there would be a lot more intrigue...

While I cannot speak for the link I am going to share (as far as views etc) since I cannot get to youtube and pull a proper link, I am going to suggest you do.


I'm still praying and mulling it over. It just seems very coincidental that as soon as the image vanishes from the screen there is an explosion...

What do y'all think?

As an aside, scrolling through MSNBC today I have been unable to locate the video. ;) Makes you wonder if someone is trying to hide something?


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I don't believe it is. There's so much that has to happen before hand, and I don't think the rider would honestly show up for a few seconds and then disappear. Looks fake, imo.

Also, the video was uploaded by PunkersTV, the Punk'd guys, sooo...
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Having been a professional video editor in the past...my opinion is that it was edited in...plus it seems to move with the video...not with the video following it...


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My personal opinion- If it was the Pale Rider, we would not be wondering if it was the Pale Rider...

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I'm with Icthus on that one. Most of the end time stuff - we won't be guessing about. It will be abundantly clear.


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as a video editor, it seems a bit fake :(


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This reminds of the so called "Ghost of Michael Jackson" in a previous video like this one. Honestly If it's not edited then its a play on the eyes by some strange lighting and smoke.