Destroyer Cores (and minipets)

David's Sling

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I am trying to work towards getting a set of destroyer gauntlets. The problem is, they require oodles and oodles of Destroyer cores to make. Any help is appreciated.

If you see any of these cores in your travels, I would gladly buy them from you, or even arrange a trade.

On a side note:

I have a few minipets that I would like to get off my hands.

Undedicated: Temple Guardian
Dedicated: Temple Guardian, Siege Turtle, Fungal Wallow

If anyone is interested just let me know. :D
dedicated means that the minipets cannot be put into the Hall of Monuments (because someone already placed it in theirs).
undedicated means that the minipets can be put into your Hall of Monuments.

Now as for the destroyer cores, there is a sweet solo Ele build for Glints that will usually drop 2-6 cores per run. I've made it up to 46 so far (I'm saving up as well). Don't have time to look it up atm, but I think it is probably on pvxwiki.
Sorry bud, gave all of mine to Rho a few days ago. Seems like everyone is going for those gloves. I might have to get a pair to be in the club :p

Krysha: It's good to see you posting again. I don't think I've seen you in-game all that much. Glad to see your back again (or as far as I've noticed ;))
Well, it looks like EVERYONE is going for them. :(

Ah, well, I'll just slowly accumulate them. The minis are still available, if anyone wants them. They are locked in my closet and could use a good home.


I also have a few others I may be able to part with, but those are all dedicated.
Hey Sling. I would liek to Trade/ Buy those minis when I get back on. The only problem is is that I won't be back on 'til like the first Sunday of December.

Also if any one could elaborate about those gloves please do. I have not been on for like five months straight do to bad graphics card on this laptop and down in Texas at my Aunt's house and can't get internet eccept on my mom's work comp. Also if that "Core" stuff is in the last missions of Prophecies then i could help you gain some and perhaps get some also.
The cores are farmed in the last areas of EOTN. I farm them regularly in glints challenge along with cloth. I will be glad to met you in game and can Duo Glints with you if your heroes are developed enough.

If anyone needs Cloth of the Brotherhood i will farm and sell them or trade for minis.

-Renault the Brave