Darkness Rising


Does anyone have Darkness Rising? I'm still not sure when I can get back to playing DAOC, but maybe soon. But, the other day, I saw a copy of the Epic Collection (that includes Darkness Rising) for $19.99. I figure that's the same price as the game on download. Plus, when I bought the Platinum Edition just to get Trials of Atlantis (since they were the same price), I noticed that Mythic didn't charge me that month. So I think that if you install a full version of DAOC, again, it covers your bill for that month. So, in other words, it might be a good deal to get the $19.99 Epic Collection if I was planning on getting back in and playing Darkness Rising.

I now have a laptop, thus mobility, so I might try installing Dark Age on my laptop and seeing how well it does with my wireless internet, giving me more flexibility in playing. Has anyone else tried this to see if there are any problems?

Also, I'm still trying to find some people to help get Gyllis to 50 if anyone is around to help me.