Custom map fans?


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I don't know if a lot of people around are much into the custom mapping scene, especially for 1.6, because it seems to me that it's dying off a little, but is anyone here a big fan of any one mapmaker? Or have any favorite maps? I come from a gaming community really big on custom mapping and support for mapmakers is why I ask. I just didn't know if anyone got as bored as I do with the same stock maps that have been around for years and years. I'm just quite fond of them really, and didn't know if any would be added to the server, and which in particular if yes, or if a couple could be put on by request every now and then.
I THINK toj is running custom maps for their 1.6 server. GFC runs nearly 8300 custom maps. Custom maps rule...:)
I'm still hoping we can get a Christmas map rotation loaded before the week is out.

Hint, hint! :D