Custom Campaign for 7/26/12


Tribe of Judah Left 4 Dead Chapter Leader
This week we are revisiting Death Aboard 2

So make sure you have the latest addon file so we are all ready to go next Thursday
Huzzah! One of my favorite custom campaigns. :)
Next month, can we try DeathCraft II? scroll down past 'zombie penguins!' and take a look

Today we are featuring the Community Campaign, Deathcraft II. This campaign is a total conversion of the world of Left 4 Dead into Minecraft. The original L4D cast is thrown into the retro world of Minecraft. If you have never played a community campaign, don’t worry its easy. Just download the map vpk to your addons directory and next time you start the game it will be available to play. Since this is a feature campaign, you will be able to play it on Official Dedicated servers.
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