CSS with a highish ping?


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Hey, I was considering picking this up next time it goes on sale, but as it, TF2 is about 95% playable (130~160 from my Alaskan DSL ping) and was wondering if I ping is a bigger factor in CSS than L4D/TF2?


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For their server, I don't think High Ping is a rule for them unlike most servers.

I used to play with 400 Ping and they didnt kick/ban me.

But yeah, my side was terrible, I couldn't even knife and reload properly. :p


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Just got the game for 5 bucks, I'll hop on later today.

Sweet. Hope to catch you at some point. I have a Company Christmas party i have to attend, so I probably wont be on, however I'm sure you can battle our bots for a bit. ;)


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Got math finals in an hour, but yeah, I'll hop on in a few hours. :)