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I would vary much like to start playing TF2, however, I checked the specs and my computer does not meet the requirements. Some friends of mine have decided to play CW:S instead and I would like to play with them. The only problem is that I cannot find the specs for it. If possible, would anyone mind helping me out? Also, what is everyone's opinion on CS:S?
It's all the same source engine I believe. HL2:deathmatch, CS:S and TF2. Therefore I would think its pretty similar reqs. But I am just guessing, sorry I don't see the specs readily available.

Same requirements of HL2...

After all, HL2 uses CS:S engine...

The issues I got is hacking bots and aiming can be off.

You can get a headshots while running backwards, shooting from their feet/ground!

Also, sniping with rifles can be hard at times, a bullet is the size of a dot and their head is the size of a soccer ball.

I can't believe I missed 4 times with a scout and the bullet hole clearly shows I was CENTIMETERS AWAY FROM THEIR HEAD! :mad:
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