Coolest programs on your computer?


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I have
Paint Shopr Pro 7
and animation shop which is on Day 86 of its 30 day free trial,


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All my games, of course
Windows Media Player
Microsoft Word
Power DVD


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[b said:
Quote[/b] (Bowser @ Oct. 26 2004,1:05)]All my games, of course
Windows Media Player
Microsoft Word
Power DVD
I used to have "Halo Beta 2" on my PC. There's no point any more.

Now I have Uplink.


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microsoft digital image suite 9 (got for free from a fguy at church who works for microsoft
all my games: MOHAA
MOH: spearhead
C&C generals
SW:battlefront (in the process of beating so i can review)
America's army
Spiderman: the movie
also, Winzip on day 586 of my 13 day evaluation period
( i think i got byblos hex beat)


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Flash 5
Director 8
Sound Forge XP
Photoshop 5 LE (grr)
Fireworks 4
Generator 2
Bink & Smacker
Doomsday (for oldschool heretic+hexen)
FTP Commander
Acid Xpress 4
Selida 2


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Image editing: GIMP 2.0 (I "have" Photoshop CS, but I don't own it, so I never use it)
Internet: Firefox (yay)
IMing: GAIM; xfire
Video: K-lite codec pack (very useful); Fairuse wizard for dvd ripping (VERY useful); Virtualdub for editing; Winamp 5 for playing (it's kinda underrated)
Audio: Winamp 5 for playing; Audacity for editing
Everything else: Alcohol 120 and Nero Express for burning; Spybot for spyware issues; AVG for antivirus; and of course I have my desktop , bootscreen, and logon screens themed with freeware programs.
And of course... the games which I won't list unless you want me to.


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WC3 - its a sweet game.
Tradewinds - its a shockwave game that u can't stop playing once you start.
Kazaa lite
I have too but last time I used it was when I was taking programming in school. If only I wasn't sitting in the back of the class throwing paper balls and playing tic tac toe.

Que Pasa

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KCeasy - OpenFT Filesharing which uses HTTP to transfer files, cool concept for getting around packet shapers.
Netbeans - Free Java Integrated Development Environment
Visual Studio.NET - Free as a part of MSDN Academic Alliance
iTunes - I can listen to about 10 different people's music because of iTunes' capability to share music libraries
Synergy - Allows me to use my regular keyboard and mouse on my laptop through the network.
DVD Shrink - For ripping/burning DVDs
Spy Sweeper - Seems to pick up stuff that Adaware and Spybot S&D miss.
Daemon Tools - Allows you to mount .iso's etc. to a virtual drive

Linux: Most of these have windows versions too, I just don't have them installed in windows.

Net Hack - A fun little roguelike game.
KDevelop - Basically Visual Studio for making linux applications.
IRSSI - Very small text based IRC client, fairly easy to use.
****Blender**** - Everyone must try this. It is a free professional quality 3d modelling/animation program. Which brings us to...
The Gimp - Free photoshop equivalent, goes nicely with Blender.
Super Tux - Who turned mario into a penguin?
Freecraft - Warcraft 2 knockoff, got a Cease and Desist letter from Blizzard. Still available in Debian's Apt Repository
Open Office - You don't need Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel or any of those if you get this. Compatible with all microsoft file formats.


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i think mine is fresh diagnose, it gives you all your hardware specs plus full benchmark tests for free off the website.


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A WARNING about the program BLENDER, that Que Pasa posted. If you want to try it, do so, but it one of the most HARDEST 3D renders ever created, it has NO tutorials about it, and it is only really if you have A LOT of time and paitence. I perfer 3D Studio Max, which I am learning. Blender is for Linux, Windows, and Mac (I think). Oh and my Browser is Mozilla Firefox...if you have Internet Explorer and download this, you will forget all about IE. And im serious...

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MICROSOFT BOB...there's a blast from the past

There was also another program, whose name eludes me at the moment, that was made for kids. The program would boot up at start up and resembled a kid's room. It was basically a GUI for kids, so they could turn on the computer themselves and get to their favorite programs without harming the computer. Very cool.