Complete Crafting Compilation


This thread will eventually contain all of the data from the other separate threads, compiled and slightly more user-friendly. After the main post is updated to include your information, I will delete the old posts to keep the thread clean.

I'll be moving the posts from the other thread - it'll just take a while to do. Alchemy alone proved to be a bigger job than I originally thought the whole thing would be.

I know the list isn't finished, i was editing the list while we were in Kara between pulls, when I died, etc. I'll keep adding stuff as I get time. If there are recipes you can do that I need to add, please reply to this thread, not the others.

Links in this post updated Feb 5. Thanks Prime!

Table of Contents
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Master of Elixirs: Ambryana, Angusog, Kyphus, Malcolm
Master of Potions: Durruck
Master of Transmutes: Rueage, Neirai
Other alchemists: Baraach, Guilo, Nxyus, Sakaki, Salveation

Flask of Blinding Light: Baraach, Durruck, Kyphus, Malcolm
Flask of Distilled Wisdom: Neirai, Rueage
Flask of Chromatic Wonder: Rueage
Flask of Fortification: Durruck, Kyphus, Nxyus, Rueage
Flask of Mighty Restoration: Rueage, Sakaki
Flask of Pure Death: Ambryana, AngusOg, Rueage
Flask of Relentless Assault: Durruck, Guilo, Nxyus, Rueage
Flask of Supreme Power: Durruck
Flask of the Titans: Neirai

Elixir of Empowerment: Rueage
Elixir of Major Firepower: Ambryana, Rueage
Elixir of Major Mageblood: Ambryana
Elixir of Major Shadow Power: Rueage
Fel Strength Elixer: Ambryana, AngusOg, Durruck, Kyphus, Rueage, Salveation

Cauldrons (Potions)
Cauldron of Major Arcane Protection: Durruck, Rueage
Cauldron of Major Nature Protection: Durruck

Destruction potion: Nxyus
Fel Mana Potion: Durruck, Kyphus, Rueage, Salveation
Fel Regeneration Potion: Ambryana, Baraach, Durruck, Rueage, Salveation
Major Holy Protection Potion: Rueage
Ironshield Potion: Rueage
Major Arcane Protection Potion: Durruck, Rueage
Major Fire Protection Potion: Ambryana
Major Rejuvenation Potion: Durruck, Neirai ,Rueage
Major Nature Protection: Durruck, Rueage
Major Shadow Protection Potion: Ambryana, AngusOg, Rueage
Super Rejuvenation Potion: Kyphus, Rueage

Primal Fire to Mana: Rueage
Primal Life to Earth: Rueage
Primal Water to Shadow: Rueage
Primal Earth to Life: Rueage
Primal Shadow to Water: Rueage
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Cooks: Deedlyt, Durruck, Herekitykity, Mimbari, Rotio

Delicious Chocolate Cake: Durruck, Herekitykity, Rotio, Deedlyt
Kibler's Bits (Pet Food): Esua, Herekitykity, Mimbari, Moonrazor, Rotio, Rueage
Skullfish Soup (+20 spell crit): Esua, Deedlyt, Durruck, Herekitykity, Mimbari
Spicy Hot Talbuk (+20 hit): Deedlyt, Dranoe, Durruck, Herekitykity, Mimbari, Rotio, Wend
Stormchops (lightning): Angusog, Durruck, Esua, Wend, Deedlyt

Crunchy Serpent and Mok'Nathal Spareribs recipes are available from a vendor in Toshley's Station (Blade's Edge Mountains). Sporeling snacks is a rep-recipe from Sporeggar. All other recipes listed above are rewards from the cooking quests that were introduced in Patch 2.3
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Enchanters: Buto, Deedlyt, Ebb, Imcu, Kelarra, Mimbari, Moonshaman, Rhys, Shortilocks, Tierc, Wend


Enchant Boots - Cat's Swiftness (Speed & 6 Agi): Rhys
Enchant Boots - Dexterity (12 Agi): Rhys
Enchant Boots - Fortitude (12 Sta): Rhys
Enchant Boots - Surefooted (10 hit, 5% snare resist): Rhys
Enchant Boots - Vitality (4hp5, 4mp5): Haveomyagro, Rhys

Enchant Bracer - Fortitude (12 Sta): Buto, Rhys
Enchant Bracer - Major Defense (12 Def): Deedlyt, Haveomyagro, Kelarra, Rhys
Enchant Bracer - Spellpower (15 spell dmg): Deedlyt, Rhys
Enchant Bracer - Superior Healing (+30 heal): Buto, Rhys, Deedlyt

Enchant Chest - Exceptional Stats (6 all stats): Deedlyt, Imcu, Rhys, Shortilocks, Wend
Enchant Chest - Major Resilience (15 Resil): Shortilocks, Wend, Deedlyt

Enchant Cloak - Dodge
(12 Dodge): Deedlyt, Rhys
Enchant Cloak - Gr Arcane Resistance (15 AR): Deedlyt, Ebb, Rhys
Enchant Cloak - Gr Fire Resistance (15 FR): Ebb, Rhys
Enchant Cloak - Gr Nature Resistance (15 NR): Rhys
Enchant Cloak - Gr Shadow Resistance (15 AR): Ebb, Haveomyagro, Rhys, Deedlyt
Enchant Cloak - Major Resistance (7 All Resist): Imcu, Rhys, Deedlyt
Enchant Cloak - Stealth (5 Stealth): Rhys
Enchant Cloak - Subtlety (2% threat reduction): Rhys
Enchant Cloak - Spell Penetration (20 Penetration): Shortilocks, Deedlyt, Rhys

Enchant Gloves - Major Healing
(35 heal): Buto, Deedlyt, Imcu, Rhys, Shortilocks
Enchant Gloves - Major Spellpower (20 Spell Dmg): Buto, Deedlyt, Imcu, Rhys, Shortilocks
Enchant Gloves - Spellstrike (15 spell hit): Deedlyt, Imcu, Rhys
Enchant Gloves - Superior Agility (15 Agi): Deedlyt
Enchant Gloves - Threat (2%): Kelarra, Rhys

Enchant Shield - Block (15 Block): Rhys
Enchant Shield - Resistance (5 All Resists): Rhys

Enchant Weapon - Battlemaster (Proc: heal party 180-300): Rhys, Deedlyt
Enchant Weapon - Greater Agility (20 agi): Rhys, Deedlyt
Enchant Weapon - Major Healing (81 heal): Deedlyt, Imcu, Mimbari, Rhys, Shortilocks, Wend
Enchant Weapon - Major Intellect (30 int): Haveomyagro, Rhys, Shortilocks, Deedlyt
Enchant Weapon - Major Spellpower (40 Spell Dmg): Buto, Ebb, Haveomyagro, Imcu, Rhys, Shortilocks, Deedlyt
Enchant Weapon - Mongoose (Proc: 120 agi & haste): Deedlyt, Rhys, Tierc
Enchant Weapon - Potency (20 Str): Rhys
Enchant Weapon - Spellsurge: (Proc: party 100 mana): Deedlyt, Rhys
Enchant Weapon - Soulfrost (54 frost/shadow dmg): Rhys
Enchant Weapon - Executioner: (Proc: ignores armor): Deedlyt

Enchant 2H Weapon - Major Agility: Rhys
Enchant 2H Weapon - Savagery (70 AP): Buto, Rhys, Shortilocks
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Goblin: Haazda
Gnomish: Grimgear
Unknown: Kahless, Zennen

Adamantite Stinger: Grimgear
Ornate Khorium Rifle: Zennen
Field Repair Bot 110G: Zennen
Gyro-balanced Khorium Destroyer: Zennen

"Almost anything Goblin": Haazda
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This list will eventually contain all rare-quality gems and meta gems.

Jewelers: Ambryanna, Basshebeth, Deedlyt, Rotio

Red Gem
Bold Living Ruby (+8 Strength): Basshebeth
Bright Living Ruby (+16 AP): Basshebeth
Delicate Living Ruby (+ Agi): Basshebeth
Subtle Living Ruby (+8 Dodge): Basshebeth
Teardrop Living Ruby (+18 Healing and +6 Spell Damage): Basshebeth

Blue Gems
Stormy Star of Elune (10 spell penetration): Rotio
Solid Star of Elune (+12 Stam): Basshebeth

Yellow Gems
Mystic Dawnstone (8 Resiliance): Rotio
Rigid Dawnstone (8 hit): Basshebeth, Rotio
Brilliant Dawnstone (+8 Int): Basshebeth
Great Dawnstone (+8 Spell Hit): Basshebeth
Mystic Dawnstone (+8 Resilience): Basshebeth
Smooth Dawnstone (+8 Critical Strike): Basshebeth
Thick Dawnstone (+8 Defense): Basshebeth

Orange Gems (Red & Yellow)
Glinting Noble Topaz (+4 Hit Rating and +4 Agility): Basshebeth
Inscribed Noble Topaz (4 crit, 4 Str): Basshebeth, Rotio
Luminous Noble Topaz (9 heal/3SD, 4 Int): Rotio
Potent Noble Topaz (+4 Spell Critical Rating and +5 Spell Damage): Basshebeth

Green Gems (Yellow & Blue)
Dazzling Talasite (+4 Int / +2 MP5): Basshebeth
Enduring Talasite (+4 Def / +6 Stam): Basshebeth
Jagged Talasite (+4 Critical Strike / +6 Stam): Basshebeth

Purple Gems (Blue & Red)
Balanced Nightseye (8 AP, 6 stam): Basshebeth, Rotio
Glowing Nightseye (5 spell damage, 6 stam): Rotio
Infused Nightseye (+8 Attack Power and +2 Mana every 5 seconds): Basshebeth
Shifting Nightseye (+4 Agility and +6 Stamina): Basshebeth
Sovereign Nightseye (+4 Strength and +6 Stamina): Basshebeth
Purified Shadow Pearl (+9 Healing +3 Spell Damage and +4 Spirit): Basshebeth

Bracing Earthstorm Diamond (+26 Healing +9 Spell Damage and 2% Reduced Threat): Basshebeth
Brutal Earthstorm Diamond (+3 Melee Damage & Chance to Stun Target): Basshebeth
Insightful Earthstorm Diamond (+12 Intellect & Chance to restore mana on spellcast): Basshebeth
Powerful Earthstorm Diamond (+18 Stamina & 5% Stun Resist): Basshebeth
Relentless Earthstorm Diamond (+12 Agility & 3% Increased Critical Damage): Basshebeth
Tenacious Earthstorm Diamond (+12 Defense Rating & Chance to Restore Health on hit): Basshebeth

Swift Skyfire Diamond (24 AP, run speed): Basshebeth, Rotio
Enigmatic Skyfire Diamond (+12 Critical Strike Rating & 5% Snare and Root Resist): Basshebeth
Thundering Skyfire Diamond (Chance to Increase Melee/Ranged Attack Speed): Basshebeth
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Active: Azolas, Herekitykity, Xandar
Inactive: Daire (but still listed because she's cool enough to make stuff for us)

Leather Armor
Cobrascale Gloves: Daire
Cobrascale Hood: Daire
Fel Leather Boots: Herekitykity
Fel Leather Gloves: Daire, Herekitykity
Stylin' Jungle Hat: Daire
Stylin' Purple Hat: Azolas
Windslayer Wraps: Azolas

Mail Armor
Felstalker Belt: Azolas, Daire
Felstalker Bracer: Daire
Felstalker Breastplate: Daire
Living Dragonscale Helm: Moonscipher
Netherdrake Gloves: Azolas, Xandar
Netherfury Belt: Daire
Netherfury Boots: Daire
Netherfury Leggings: Daire
Stylin' Adventure Hat: Herekitykity
Stylin' Crimson Hat: Azolas, Daire
Thick Netherscale Breastplate: Daire

Bags, Quivers, Kits, Misc
Arcane Armor Kit: Herekitykity
Nethercleft Leg Armor: Daire
Nethercobra Leg Armor: Daire
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Primal Mooncloth: Imcu, Isamu, Valkridie, Wend
Shadowcloth: Belegund, Buto, Gnownage, Kelarra, Roundhead, Shortilocks, Widgerry
Spellcloth: Artgenos, Haveomyagro, Lloki

Inactive: Buto, Gnownage, Imcu, Peridan

Arcanoweave Boots: Belegund, Lloki
Arcanoweave Bracers: Belegund
Arcanoweave Robe: Lloki
Battlecast Hood: Buto
Battlecast Pants: Belegund, Buto
Bracers of Havok: Belegund
Cloak of Arcane Evasion: Wend
Cloak of the Black Void: Belegund
Cloak of Eternity: Haveomyagro
Girdle of Ruination: Belegund
Golden Spellthread: Aevista, Imcu, Valkridie
Manaweave Cloak: Gnownage, Valkridie
Runic Spellthread: Belegund, Gnownage
Soulcloth shoulders: Lloki, Wend
Spellstrike Hood: Haveomyagro, Peridan
Spellstrike Pants: Belegund, Haveomyagro, Imcu, Peridan, Lloki
White Remedy Cape: Lloki
Whitemend Hood: Valkridie
Whitemend Pants: Gnownage
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Xandar - Nethercleft / Nethercobra leg armor, 28 slot quiver, 28 slot ammo pouch

Vaanus - Gnomish Engineer - no cool recipes as of yet


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Vigur can make...

Leather Armor
Shadowprowler's Chestguard
Fel Leather Boots
Fel Leather Leggings
Stylin' Purple Hat

Mail Armor

Felstalker Belt
Felstalker Bracer
Felstalker Breastplate
Netherfury Belt
Netherfury Boots
Netherfury Leggings

Cloth Armor

Cloak of Darkness

Bags, Quivers, Kits, Misc

Nethercleft Leg Armor
Arcane Armor Kit
Flame Armor Kit
Frost Armor Kit
Nature Armor Kit
Shadow Armor Kit
Quiver of a Thousand Feathers
Netherscale Ammo Pouch


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Vikkarr - Alchemy

Master of Transmutes


Flask of Fortification:


Elixir of Major Frost Power


Fel Regeneration Potion
Major Holy Protection Potion


Primal Fire to Mana
Primal Life to Earth
Primal Water to Shadow
Primal Earth to Life
Primal Shadow to Water
Primal Mana to Fire
Primal Water to Shadow


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haveo can now do +15 ar to cloak and arcanoweave bracers in tailoring


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